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The Electronic mass unit for platinum


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In Simple terms

An affordable cryptocurrency that runs on a fast blockchain network, with a smart contract and smart wallet technology. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every literate or illiterate individual in the world has and has easy access to cryptocurrency, Electronic Platinum. Our mission is not limited to developing an incredible product. It continues with a robust roadmap to boost business activities in Switzerland and around the world using Electronic Platinum. Providing accessibility means providing the platform and technology. Our team is currently working with several organizations in the financial, mobile technology and money transfer sectors to drive value in a decentralized currency. For the EPL team, providing a breakthrough product means providing end users in other parts of the world with the necessary tools for buying and trading cryptocurrency at their fingertips, and in their local currency. Allowing everyone to play their own role in the cryptocurrency revolution. We will build partnerships in Switzerland and around the world so that EPL values ​​travel around the world with Her, with him, with them, with us. Together. ”EPL” Thank you for your help in creating a smart world.


“The best of technology with the best of humans can only be a good evolution.Co-Founder Lionel-G @ Cryptofever.

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Debit/Credit Card

Imagine a world where you can become your own bank. A world or EPL offers you the choice of having an alternative digital currency to traditional currencies. With the Swiss EPL Credit Card, it has never been easier to buy, withdraw, spend and transfer money quickly anywhere in the world according to your needs. The future begins in 1 second, it is at hand. EPL Your money your choice!


Reducing the gap between the real and the virtual

The technological revolution of our project lies in the idea to create a mass unit for the value of digital platinum, called “ePL”. This digital mass unit measures the value of your real PLatinum. The current market for platinum combined with the virtual platinum market by the latest blockchain technologies to make a master system of the conversion between virtual eplatinum and the real platinum. Our work and our partnership will make this possible.
HOLD EPL,HOLD physical Platinum.





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